Q. What is the difference between the 2 cans and how should they be used?
Both sprays basically have 3 major effects - initial freezing effect, instant pain relief and longer term healing benefits.

Red Can( Impact Spray ) For instant pain or inflammation, spray the affected area. For acute pain, spray again,
after 5 to 15mins.

Cream Can( Maintenance Spray) For ongoing relief of all muscular pain, strains, use as a maintenance spray after using the red can OR on its own, for general aches and pain. May also be used on open wounds to stop bleeding and promote rapid healing.
The main difference is that the active ingredients Baoxianye is more concentrated in the red can and should not be used on open wounds, cuts and grazes.

Q: What are the main applications for the product:

Yunnan Baiyao continues to astound with healing properties however being a natural product it may assist with the following - painful joints ( arthritis), muscular pains, sprains, strains, bruising and may be used to stem bleeding and for the healing of cuts and grazes.

Q: Is Yunnan Baiyao a natural product:

Yes - Yunnan Baiyao is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Q: Why does it have such a strong smell.

This is because it is completely natural and no additives have been included to hide the small. The initial smell does however dissipate very fast and is soon unoticable.

Q. Is the product safe for use on children?
A. Yes. Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol and Yunnan Baoxianye are safe for use on all children from the age of 5 years.

Q. Is there anybody who should not be using the product?

A. The product is not recommended during pregnancy.

Q. Have any side effects been experienced with the product?

A. No reports of side effects have been reported. However, it is strongly recommended to cease treatment should any adverse reaction to the spray be experienced
Q. Are any other Yunnan Baiyao Group products available in Southern Africa?
A. Not at present. Plans have been made to make available two other products in the near future. Firstly, individual wound plasters, which are impregnated with the natural herbs in order to stimulate rapid healing of cuts and wounds, whilst simultaneously providing natural anaesthetic. Secondly, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste. In addition to being a toothpaste which inhibits plaque, the herbal ingredients have proved extremely effective in the curing of pyorrhoea if the gums and gingivitis.

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