Applications and uses

Yunnan Baiyao has a wide range of uses and applications.

In the home
For day to day knocks, bruises and strains, Yunnan Baiyao is invaluable. Apart from its ease of application, its rapidly healing formula guarantees early recovery. Yunnan Baiyao, initially in powder form and, more recently in aerosol form is found on the medicine shelf of most Chinese homes.
For the Elderly and Arthritic
As we get older the creaks and groans of the body get louder and more frequent. Healing time for strains and sprains get longer and complaints such as back ache, neck pain etc. seem to become an integral part of our lives. There is no need to sit back and endure this. Yunnan Baiyao has proven its effectiveness on innumerable occasions in relieving and eliminating pain. Spray affected area four hourly until pain subsides.
Sports and Gymnasiums
Yunnan Baiyao was authorised by The Chinese Olympic Committee to be the official medicine of the entire Chinese National Olympic Team at the 27th Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. There can be no better testimonial for sportsmen than this. Being completely natural ensures that it has no drug connotations, and its rapidly healing powers have proven extremely effective to athletes and gymnasts alike, where muscular aches and strains can be the difference between winning and losing. China won 59 medals at the Games. Although the Chinese team were subjected to regular drug tests, as were all other teams at the games, not one incidence of drug usage was found, proving beyond doubt that the product, though totally effective, is 100% natural.