People in China have benefited from the pain relief properties of Yunnan Baiyao for over a hundred years. Here are testimonials of satisfied customers who have been amongst the first to try Yunnan Baiyao in Southern Africa...

Debbie Oosthuizen

My colleague used to be gymnast and suffers from terrible inflammation in her ankles. She was complaining about the pain and had been going for serious physio, and so I brought the Yunnan sample you had given me at one of our meetings to work. Well she tried it, and was blown away by the result. She said Voltaren didn't achieve the result that the Yunnan had given her. The inflammation decreased so dramatically, that she no longer has to undergo surgery for the pain. Her contact dermatitis has completely disappeared too. She's recently purchased her own can of the stuff!

Alex Economou

I have been very impressed with it. Actually amazed is the proper word to describe its healinf effect.I am 45 years old and suffer from chronic pain in my lower back in times of stress and it usually takes weeks for the pain to go. In that time I have to be careful not to overexert myself.
I am a person who likes to keep physically active and have learnt to vary my exercise activities so that I do not face injuries from doing the same form of exercise repeatedly. I do yoga, I run, swim and cycle. I could do none of these things when my back ceased up on me.
Within a day of applying the spray I was able to return to yoga and swimming. I started running again a few days after - with running you have to be more careful because of the impact it produces on joints. The difference the spray has made to my back has been remarkable.
I have applied the spray to my daughter whose knees have been problematic and it has given her immediate relief. My aunt, who suffers from arthritis has also been trying it.
Many thanks

Margaret Battershill

I want to let you know that introducing me to Yunnan Baiyao is the best thing that has happened to me for a long time ! It is quite remarkable to say the least. Firstly, to help leg cramps which I get, instant relief, really unbelievable.
I have used it on a child with a sports injury being a sprained ankle, as well as the relief it has given my arthritic joints. I have highly recommended it to many, in fact our youngest daughter( a switched on lass says that she will rep. it for you gladly anytime !!!
Am wondering if Yunnan Baiyao is on the retail market here at all as I know others who would like to purchase it ? I myself am a trained Sister and tend to be a little sceptical re a follow up on all the adverts one sees daily on the media, however I want to say, thank you very much for the sample and I now keep a aersol in my handbag at all times !!!!! It was very interesting reading the brochure of your magic muti.
Thank you so much

Robert Schinard

I was recently on vacation in Cape Town and met Santa Sforza who introduced me to Yunnan Baiyao and suggested I should try it should I ever have a muscle injury as she knew I played squash.
I happened to be playing squash a week later and during the game twisted my knee and could no longer proceed with the game.
I went for a shower and my knee was really sore and was battling with walking normally. I applied the Yunnan Baiyao product to my knee and proceeded on with my evening .I went out for dinner and after getting out of my chair felt an easing of the pain in my knee. I went home and applied some more of the Yunnan Baiyao product to my knee and went to bed.
The following morning I got out of bed and could walk normally the pain had gone and I was back to normal.
I can certainly recommend the product as an amazing traditional medicine.
I contacted Santa and asked her for some more Yunnan Baiyao. She very kindly gave me a couple of samples which I shared with a couple of friends.
My one friend Derrick Pauls was suffering from gout and applied the product and has told me the product worked wonders.
I then went to Port Elizabeth and gave a sample of the product to my ex wife Leslie who was suffering from back ache and she applied the product which has relieved her back ache.
On my return to Iraq I took a couple of samples with me as one of my colleagues suffers from severe tennis elbow and so I gave him Yunnan Baiyao and he has had instant relief from using this amazing Chinese product.
I can certainly recommend this product to any sports person or folk suffering form any muscle or bone ache as I have illustrated that to whom ever I have given the product has had instant relief.

Clinton de Klerk, Computer Consultant

I have recently experienced pain in my hand, wrist and forearm, probably associated with my job which involves working on computers all day. I had tried numerous tablets and ointments with no effect, until I came across Yunnan Baiyao aerosol spray. Although the product was completely unknown to me, I thought "Why not?" as none of the other products had worked.

I sprayed the affected area and almost immediately noticed an improvement. I initially thought this could be a coincidence, but sprayed twice more at four hour intervals before bed. The following morning, the pain had completely disappeared. I have no hesitation in recommending Yunnan Baiyao aerosol for any aches and pains

Vanessa Levenstein

Whenever I read about "wonder" cures my cynical antennae shoot out.
I discovered the incredible Chinese spray, and now my entire family uses it.
I have a lower back condition. I was on holiday recently and the soft mattress and perhaps hours in the car compounded it. The next morning I was in a lot of pain. I grabbed for my bottle on Yunnan Baiyao- sprayed - and felt immediate relief. I gave a bottle to a family friend who for years had suffered from a "stiff knee" she literally sung its praises, as for the first time in years she had relief.
My mother uses it on her feet, and my husband for his shoulder, elbows and arms. It's become an absolute essential item in my bathroom cupboard, and I keep a bottle spare so I'll never run out of it!
The relief is instant, and lasting.

Wesley Cupido
Sprayed on my ankle with the red bottle at about 08h00am yesterday morning. Again at about 09h00am.
At about18h00 90 percent of the pain were gone.(sprayed again) This morning I can hardly feel any pain.

Dave Coetzee
Eskom Gijimas

I just wanted to tell you about your wonderful product.
My name is Dave, I am a runner and walker for Eskom Gijimas AC KZN. In 2006 I thought it would be a good idea to follow up on a dream and that was to do the Two Oceans Half Marathon. I arrived in Cape Town on the Wednesday before Two Oceans and went straight to the T.O. expo to register. Whilst there I came across the Yunnan Balyao and the lady there told me that this product would assist in muscular pain relief. Well the Chinese are well known for their remedies and what harm could it do. I bought a box which consisted of white aerosol can and a red aerosol baoxianya can.
Now for about a month I had some discomfort in my hamstring from the training for T.O so I sprayed the area with the white can. Later that evening I realized that the niggling pain that had been there for a while had gone.
On the Saturday I ran the T.O. and near the finish I experienced the mother of all cramps in my left calf. It brought me to a stand still, I battled to get going again and the pain actually got worse. When I finished I went to my kit bag and found my Yunnan Balyao I sprayed the white can and being a big baby a few minutes later sprayed the red can. It was not instant relief but I must say the pain did go away after a while.
That evening there was a different pain then the cramp anyway I continued to use the cans, after a few days I started to train again and I experienced bad pain from the calf area. I went for medical advise and found out that I had torn a muscle, so apart from the cramp I had an injury but Yunnan Balyao did help with pain relief. Now of course there is always a bottle in my kit bag.
Thanks for a wonderful product

Charlene Petersen

This product is amazing. My mom has been using Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol for two weeks now. She suffers from high blood pressure and has been having an lot of pain and swellng in both her ankles..said to be gout. It looked like her legs and ankles were in one. Nothing seemed to have been able to relieve her discomfort until now. She has been using it for two weeks now, and is on her second bottle, and you can see that the swelling is starting to go down slowly. The pain has also been reduced.
Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Rosemary Jones

Just to let you know that the Yunnan Baiyao is an amazing and wonderful product!. My only concern is
that my husband got through the two aerosols in the space of four days! It is the first time that he has been pain free in years. Also to let you know that my chiropractor also uses that on his patients.... I went to Anthony Angus because I could not stand living with a pinched nerve any longer. It had affected my hip, knee and ankle so that I could not sleep at night. I tried the Yunnan at home but it was too deep for it to work but after he worked on the affected area and sprayed on the Yunnan Baiyao I felt like a new person.
I have told many people of your product and I can see from going to the Milnerton Health shop that it is selling like wild fire. I personally have bought four packs already.. one for my Mom, the other for my brother in law and the other two for Ceci.

Dianne Shean

I have suffered with Rheumatoid arthritis for 6 years, during this time i have had severe pain for the entire 6 years.I've had various medications from the United States, one costing R16,000.00 per injection, that is telling you just how desperate I have been.I am still on various medications and have to take large amounts of cortisone to try and help the pain I have to endure.My feet have been a major problem and I have been to every type of doctor available and none of them have been able to help me as my toes have been bent over and have not been able to be straightened, I was told I would have to have pins inserted to try and straighten them,thenkfully I did not go that route.
Having read your article in the Argus last week, I decided "well, heres one more thing I could try".I bought Yunnan Baiyoa, sprayed my feet and my legs and literally within 10 minutes i could move my toes,my children had been at a movie, they came home and told them I had something to show them....by then I could straighten my toes, needless to say they were gob smacked, could not believe their eyes.My calf has been "solid as cement" for the last 6 months had treatments everywhere and was told there is nothing they could do to soften it, well my daughter in law felt my leg and she actually had tears in her eyes, MY CALF was pliable Need I say more, I can only than Terry SHulver for all his hard work in getting this product to S.A. it is truly like a miracle for me.

R.E.Stockdale, Company Director

I have suffered from a sore and stiff arm and shoulder for apprixmately three months and have taken numerous anti-inflammatory tables to no avail.

A friend recommended your Yunnan Baiyao Chinese spray to me. I used this eight times over a two day period. To my amazement, both my shoulder and arm were cured and are completely pain free.

I do not understand how this remarkable product works or how it was able to remedy the problems I had but I most definitely will never be without my can of Yunnan spray going forward.

Thank you Yunnan Baiyao

Kay Westridge
I ran the 2009 21km Two Oceans Half Marathon. I had bad knee pains before the race and received Yunnan Baiyao in my goody bag the day before the race. I sprayed my knees the night before the race and for the first time in months had no pain during the night. The next morning I sprayed before starting the race and magically - no pain! At about 16km samples were handed out at a waterpoint and took a red canister and sprayed both knees. I continued to the finishline without pain. Thank you for introducing me to your product..

Dr. Geraldine Mitton, MB Ch B DCH
Sante Wellness Clinic, Stellenbosch
Patient DB sustained an injury following MVA, with fractured left Humerus, and extensive bruising to the left arm, with pain radiating down from the upper arm to the left hand. She has used Yunnan Baiyao, starting with the "First Aid" spray, then moving on to the second spray. She reports relief of muscular pain and bruising during the acute phase, and thereafter relief of the muscular pain for several weeks afterwards. However there was no relief of bone pain associated with the fracture.